About us

We are an animal lover couple with 4 rescued dogs. Yes, we are Dog Addicts. Our designs are inspired both by our dogs and the rescue dogs looking for forever families. We have been training, rescuing, fostering and rehabilitating dogs for many years and we have decided to try something new too and express our appreciation and love on t-shirts.

 The Dog Addict Team:

  • Greg and Noemi  - founders (ideas and web design)

  • Mihaly Csaki (tattoo artist) - design

  • Peter Vatler - graphic design - petervatler@gmail.com

  • Zsolt Petrik - t-shirt printing  - Fifth Column

  • Dori Deer - photo artist 

  • Models: Luca Angyal, Imre 


We are so proud of our products, we want you to know more about them :)

We only use high-quality Earth Positive t-shirts  - these t-shirts are 100% Organic and ethically made, but crucially, manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind- and solar power. 

Our t-shirts are printed at Fifth Column T-shirts in London. We not only love them because the t-shirts and the prints are superb quality with lovely staff but they strive to run their business in a fair and just way, respecting people’s employment rights and caring for environmental issues. They keep all their employees on permanent contracts, and they are proud that they have signed up to the London Living Wage!

The paper labels are printed on a 100% recycled paper with a cruelty-free ink.


We feel it important to help the homeless animals, so we are donating £2.00 from each sold t-shirt! 

As there are so many great organisations and causes we have selected a few great charities from which you can pick one close to your heart.
You can find more information about these organisations on the Charities page.

Dog Addict stands up against
All Bloodsports (e.g.hunting, animal fights)
Using animals in circuses, rodeos, zoos
Animal testing
Abuse or neglect
Puppy farms
Breed Specific Legislation